Best in Service

abelei flavors is sincerely committed to maintaining the best service possible in the flavor industry. We continue to innovate cost-effective flavor combinations for clients around the world using flavors from our ever-expanding flavor library that includes today’s trending flavors, organic flavors, and others that succeed in setting food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and consumable products apart from the competition.

Our very loyal following is attributed to our rapid response pledge and service pledge that states: Whenever necessary and possible,  abelei will provide customers what they require, when and wherever it is needed.

abelei guarantees superior results for every step of the process—from delivering samples and documentation, to custom flavor manufacturing and ordering.

abelei serves customers across the U.S. and outside the U.S. from its headquarters near Chicago, Illinois.

When a product’s success relies on its flavor, contact us for a business partnership that guarantees your product arrives to market on time with the best taste possible. 

Email or call 866-4-abelei (866-422-3534) to place an order, request a sample and documentation or ask for a visit from our sales team.